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stemick is offering services for the pharmaceutical industry,
tailored cell-based assays for tox and parmacology testing.


Stemick is a start-up company based in Konstanz, Germany. We are offering services for compound screening and characterization using biochemical and cell culture based assays for pharmaceutical and life science customers.

Our business model consists in helping you to rationalize and outsource highly specialized research tasks. Therefore, we strive to help pre-analyze processes before you set out to engage in developing your in-house capabilities. Also, we may be able to answer highly specified questions in a tailored setting quicker than your own lab, which might be specialized in a different area.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn which exciting possibilities our work might provide for you. We are highly adaptable and fast and we are looking forward to explore new horizons for you and to spearhead your research in the 21st century.